Reworking a Family Heirloom

I was given the challenge of transforming this pretty vintage table cloth into something special for my friend Erin (who is also a great believer in not buying new).

She had been given the family heirloom by her friend and said it had belonged to her grandmother, her initial thought was maybe I could make some napkins… I thought that was a nice idea but I was already picturing an elegant Kimono gown. I didn’t want to cut up those gorgeous foxgloves this fabric was worthy of more!

Erin loved the idea so gave me the go ahead to get cutting. The faded rose design and pink border made it simple to work out the placement for the Kimono.

Kimono pattern pieces are basically rectangles so are pretty economical in terms of fabric and cutting out. I have made a few in my time so luckily already had my own pattern.

Then a quick overlock to finish raw edges and time to stitch together.

¬†As you can see I’ve used the darker pink sections for the collar, cuffs and top of the pockets for contrast. I think the back panel with the trellis and circular floral design also works well. To finish the gown off, I added a long extra wide belt to add a hint of luxury.

Erin was super happy with the end result, and we revived a gorgeous piece of fabric that could have sat in the airing cupboard for another decade!

Thank you for reading this post. If this has made you think of a special piece of textiles that you own, and would like it re-worked by us please get in touch.

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