70's Style Headscarf

We waste nothing at LBW! After re-working our vintage Lee kick flare jeans with their psychedelic floral insert, we had some remnants left over and had the idea to make a couple of headscarves. All our fabric is vintage, sustainability is key to making our brand unique.

We took them on a recent shoot and they were a big hit, if you love seventies like us I think you’ll agree they complete the look perfectly!

Click this link to find our 70’s headscarves on our website;

How to make your own headscarf :

Our dimensions are as follows;

Length – 135 cm

Width – 14cm

(Seam allowance 1cm)

  • Cut a rectangle to those measurements, with a fold one side
  • Fold your rectangle and pin sides together (pins should be about every 5cm)
  • Stitch both corners leaving a gap of about 10cm in the middle
  • Turn through, making sure your corners are nice and neat
  • Hand stitch the gap in the middle
  • Iron

So simple and a great addition to your outfit, instead of chucking that piece of clothing away think first if it can be turned into something you’ll treasure.

Happy sewing!

This is the link to our re-worked jeans (opposite) available on our website.

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