Hello, I thought I would start my blog with a picture of my studio, just the part that was tidy today! I like to make a big mess while I design, get all the fabrics and trimmings out where I can see them. As you can see I also like antiques and pretty objects, I’m a total hoarder!

A little intro…

My mannequin is something I can’t live without, all my designing happens from draping on the stand. Being such a visual person I like to play around with the fabric and see what looks good before making any cuts. I’ve been re-working vintage textiles for more than twenty years now, it’s always been a passion of mine. Scouring flea markets and charity shops for fabrics and garments to inspire me. Even my graduate collection at University (in 1999!) was taken from 70’s frilled blouses i’d found in charity shops.

My love of Vintage clothing continued on; I had a market stall in East London’s, very cool Brick Lane for a few years and occasionally Portobello market. Portobello market is such a vibrant place full of wonderful characters I always ended up being drawn back there.

I then met Marcelle Symons, founder of One Vintage and immediately found a kindred spirit and started working in her Ledbury road studio. Marcelle, whilst curating an incredible collection of Vintage garments also had her own label, re-working vintage, mixing and matching different textiles and era’s to make stunning bohemian style tops and dresses.

One Vintage dress
The phenomenal Courtney Love wearing One vintage silk embroidered dress re-worked by me using an antique kimono

The label grew and gathered a loyal following of celebrity clients such as Jacquetta Wheeler, Courtney Love, Poppy Delevigne, Kate Moss and more.

Jacquetta Wheeler wearing ‘One Vintage’ dress made by me.

These were exciting times! We had a lovely team working in Ledbury road and formed some long lasting relationships and best friends. Thanks to Marcelle, who I still work with now all these years later.

Fast forward to 2021! Now i’m here in Bournemouth, with a young family, Still in love with vintage! So in love, in fact, I’ve started my own label re-working vintage/salvaged fabrics into one-of-a-kind pieces. I’m going to document the beginnings of each piece here in this blog so you can see the story of where they came from.

The joy of vintage for me is the story of that previous life, and the journey it’s been on. Let’s continue that journey together.


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